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As our parents get older, many of us will become care givers without realizing it, and without knowing there are numerous resources for us, if we would only look. Your county Senior Services Department has many programs and sharing groups available to you, but you have to ask.

We are setting up this site to share the things we discovered caring for our Mom, and we invite you to share your ideas, or ask questions.

The site is only beginning, so stop by again soon, or e-mail us with any ideas you might have to make the site more useful.

Gayle writes it all down is a nonprofit site by Jim and Gayle to share our experiences and help others to enjoy their elderly parents remaining days to the fullest.

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Notice: This site sells no items for caring for any persons, and do not endorse any product. Items referenced on this site are for reference only, and persons purchasing such items do so at their own risk. cannot guarantee any product or procedure will work for you. We are just sharing things that worked for us. If you have questions or comments, please click below

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Hosting for this site is provided by the Daily Lifeline system for communities with independent but elderly persons needing a daily "check in."

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See if your Church or Civic association could use this system as an outreach in your community.